Carly Finseth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Technical Communication
Boise State University



Teach like a gamer: Adapting the instructional design of digital role-playing games. Jefferson, NC: McFarland. March 2018.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Book Reviews and Review Essays

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I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in technical writing, user experience, and documentation.

Current Courses

  • English 535: User Experience
  • English 521: Current Trends in Technical Communication
  • English 518: Writing Software Documentation
  • English 416: Interaction Design for Technical Communicators
  • English 415: Instructional Design and Software Documentation
  • English 202: Introduction to Technical Communication

Past Courses

  • English 415: On-Screen Document Production, Boise State University
  • English 2311: Introduction to Technical Writing, Texas Tech University
  • English 2311: Introduction to Technical Writing: Globally-Connected Online Course, Texas Tech University
  • English 1301: Essentials of College Rhetoric, Texas Tech University
  • English 103: Accelerated Composition: Culture, Identity, and Society, Clemson University

Honors and Awards

Designing with Open Educational Resources (DOER) Fellowship Grant, Open Education Group funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Lumen, and Brigham Young University, 2017-2018 (with Jonathan Lashley)

Outstanding Faculty Award, Department of English, Boise State University, 2016-2017

Nominee, Golden Apple Award for Exceptional Faculty, Boise State University, 2016-2017

Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Texas Tech University, 2014-2015

Top Technical Writing Instructor, Texas Tech University English Department, 2014

Helen Locke Carter Memorial Scholarship, Texas Tech University, 2013

Texas Tech University Graduate School Competitive Travel Grant Texas Tech University, 2012

Thomas E. Douglass Award for Excellence in Teaching, Clemson University, 2011

Clemson University English Department Competitive Travel Grant, Clemson University, 2011

Society for Technical Communication Ernie Mazzatenta Scholarship, Society for Technical Communication, 2010


I'm an assistant professor of English at Boise State University where I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in user experience, usability, and interaction design; documentation and instructional design; and technical writing. My book Teach like a gamer: Adapting the instructional design of digital role-playing games is forthcoming from McFarland Books.

I have more than 15 years of experience in publications management, writing, editing, and design. I also have several years of professional experience as a project engineer in the semiconductor industry. Currently I am an associate editor for the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations, a reviewer for Technical Communication: Journal of the Society for Technical Communication, and an editorial review board member for Not Your Mama’s Gamer. I am also the faculty advisor for Boise State's Tech Comm Games Guild, where students from a variety of disciplines across campus come together to play games, create games, and learn about games and technical communication.

I am particularly fascinated with the intersections between learning, teaching, and games, so when I'm not teaching or researching, you’ll likely find me exploring the latest MMO or downloading more games than I'll ever have the time to play.